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I just found this Livejournal. And I thought maybe someone could help me.

There was a pretty long Vines fan fiction on the first Vines message board that was shut down in November 2004.

It wasn't really slash. There were some slashy parts, but most of it was just about Craig. The Strokes, Julian and Albert in particular, were in it. Interpol were in one scene. And Conor Oberst was in it too. I think.

I printed the story out, so I'd have it, but I gave it to a friend who I haven't seen in years.

So now there is no way for me to retrieve the story. Does anyone know the story?

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Hey guys,

Geez, I haven't been on LJ since 1954.
Anyway, I've been googling furiously, but I can't find the original 17+84 story :( It's upsetting me, I want it. Could someone please link me up?
I'd be forever grateful. 

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It breaks my heart to see this beautiful place so ghost city like.

Does anyone know what happened to our dear Craigapple & Julesberry? ;_;

Miss this place and 17&84 more than words or anything could say.

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Are people still reading this community? I wanted to write some slash but I won't bother if no one will read it. :)
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Just in case anybody still checks this community..

Please come check out the new community Indie Rock Slash!

Its dedicated to slash fanfics between hotties from indie bands, including the Vines and the Strokes, plus anyone else who you want to join the smut!
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Hello. I'm new to here, and i'll admit, i do lurk around often. So for the first time, i wrote my own fanfic. I haven't wrote in ages, so bear that in mind. It isn't filthy, but romantic and sweet. There is, however, another part to come.

Story here: http://julian-hoe.livejournal.com/10563.html

[Haven't figured out LJ cuts yet, sorry!]

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title: Velbekomme
author: private____ryan
disclaimer: No harm, no foul.
summary: Julian gets coffee.
pairing: Julian Casablancas/Craig Nicholls
raiting: It's very clean.

ride the stormCollapse )
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Title: Sweet Memory Will Die
Author: Amy
Disclaimer: No harm, no foul.
Notes: My first post here. Awfully disjointed and probably hard to follow if you aren’t me. I apologize for that in advance.
Summary: Julian is a man’s man, ladies man, man about town.
Rating: PG-13 for the drunken babbling and such.
Pairing: Craig Nicholls/Julian Casablancas (very, very subtly)

[x-posted to strokeslash]

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Title: Naked
summary: just reead, it's hard to explain...=D but its kind of fluffy and you should read it and i'll be your best friend forever


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Just a little change as the old layout was so drab. I hope y'all like it. I'ma work more on it, this was just a quick fix. Carry on!

ETA~ HUGE HUGE THANKS to feedums for all her help and the beautiful background!

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Title: The Ropes, Final Chapter
Summary: Julian puts Craig through one final tormenting session.
Rating: R/18
Author: bunsbop, Matt.

The Ropes, Final Chapter.Collapse )
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Title: A Passing Feeling

Pairing: Julian/ Craig Nicholls some talk of Julian and Nick...some talk of Craig and Patrick.

Summary: Julian looks back and stuff between him and Craig

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so...I havent posted here in a while....

A little while ago I posted a "phone call" story between Jules and Craig. After watching the vines podcast when Craig winked, I decided to make a "part 2' which i NEVER do. So here you are. 

i dont thoink its as good as part one, but this place needed a new post

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Title: The Ropes, Chapter Five.
Summary: Ryan appears on the scene, and Julian gets a taste of his own medicine.
Notes: Chapter Six is up and running, but is more Craig/Ryan. So I posted that chapter HERE. This may seem a little more Ryan involved, but I have to keep the story running. =)
Author: Matt, bunsbop and rjyoaslh.

The Ropes, Chapter Five.Collapse )
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Title: The Ropes, Chapter Four
Summary: The tables are turned in our ticklish fan-fiction.
Rating: R - It's a tickle fetish story!
Author: Matt, bunsbop

The Ropes, Chapter Four.Collapse )
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I agree with what Amir just said, there should be a Vines slash community.
So I couldn't help but do this:



You're seeing this right, fangirls. There's a Vines slash comm now.
Let the Craig/Ryan pr0n commence.

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Gosh. I only just realised that I had this and that it was Craig/Jules and that it wasn't posted on here!


So I'ma post it. This is only the first bit to a lil' sumthin' I been workin' on. But after this it goes Craig/Ryan for a little while and then inevitably to Jules/Jules. Haha. So no one gets to see the rest. I just happen to like the first bit enough to share with everyone :D

fairly silly vampire fic-nessCollapse )

Alsooo, why is it that there seems to be no Vines slash comm?
Perhaps I am missing something?
I need my Craig/Ryan fix.
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Title: The Ropes, Chapter 3
Summary: Julian continues to have his way with a very ticklish Craig - and things begin to fall apart in more ways than one.
Rating: R - Let's just say this chapter is getting a little more... dirty.
Notes: Enjoy it. I have a tickling fetish and y'know what, it's fun to express it through storytelling. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I guarentee a giggle of your own. Trust me!
Author: Matt, bunsbop

The Ropes, Chapter Three.Collapse )
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