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Title: The Ropes, Final Chapter Summary: Julian puts Craig through…

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Title: The Ropes, Final Chapter
Summary: Julian puts Craig through one final tormenting session.
Rating: R/18
Author: bunsbop, Matt.

Craig remained tied to the bed for a good few hours. The room smelt of piss and sweat, and Craig’s naked form writhed around in discomfort. His body was damp, his hair sticking to his red face, as if he’d just finished the last gig of a long, winding tour. He was tormented, and he’d had just about enough. Or so he thought.

Jules had returned to listen to Craig rant and shout for freedom, and then plead to be let go. Jules hadn’t returned to tickle Craig, but to instead feed him some water. Craig ignorantly gulped down the glass, oblivious to the fact that Julian had slipped a strong form of sleeping pill into the drink.

The next time Julian returned to the cold bedroom, Craig lay knocked out. His body un-tensed and calm. Julian smiled. The boy was like a little pet. And it scared him to think that that’s how he saw Craig now, as a pet. But Julian was good at shrugging that sort of thing off, and getting back to business. And that’s just what he did.

Julian untied Craig and carried him to another room. This room was larger, more like an apartment. It was long, and Julian’s footsteps echoed. He slumped Craig’s naked body onto a random sofa. Craig flopped there; arms and legs spread apart, his head buried in a cushion. He slept soundly, and wouldn’t be awake for another hour at the least. Julian looked out the window, watching Ryan get into his small Fiat. Julian waved shyly, and Ryan saluted back. Soon, Ryan was in the car, and then off down the streets. Julian turned to Craig, and smirked.

Julian made his way through the room, which had wooden flooring and white walls. Large windows escalated from one side of the room letting in all the brightness of early evening. The overhead lights were large and sickening. There was no furniture apart from the sofa Craig lay on. The room was cold, and was used for one thing only – tickle torture.

In the very middle of the room stood a contraption. Four posts structured in each corner of a steel plate that lay bolted to the wooden floor. The posts, along with various chains and leather straps, held together a sort of netted hammock. Julian picked Craig up and slung the little star over his shoulder. Nicholls was heavier than you’d think, and was actually quite a difficulty to place in the contraption. After a slight struggle, Julian managed to lay Craig down on the net. He then pulled a small chain, and with great strength, managed to hoist Craig’s body up into the air, so he was hanging a few feet from the ground, slumped in the netted hammock. Julian then strapped Craig’s wrists above him, exposing his armpits. He then tied a small leather restraint around his neck, and then tied his ankles to separate restraints by the other two posts holding the whole thing together.

Craig hung there, slumped in the hammock, chained to the posts. As he licked his dry lips, he awoke, and realised what was going on almost immediately, as if he expected it. He bent his knees and arms, but only swayed the hammock from left to right with gentle creeks. Craig sighed, and then laughed gently. It was getting silly.

“Ryan? Let me down, focker. Ugh…” he moaned, and arched his back, which was hard to do anyway. The whole contraption bent and creaked. It felt unstable, but was strong enough to hold Craig’s body – no matter how out of control he got.

Julian came into view, placing his hands on each of Craig’s feet. Craig’s toes immediately curled, and his body shifted.

“What?? Ah fock. This is stupid, man. I want out, now. This has been going on for days…”

Julian smiled. “Hours, Craig. Half a day at the least. Feels long, doesn’t it?”

Craig frowned, and closed his eyes. “I don’t care, Julian. Let me go!”

Julian nodded. “You’ll be free, after this. Believe me, you’ll be free in more ways then you’d like to know. One more session, and that’s it.”

Craig shook his head. “No, I can’t take anymore! P-p-please! Anything else! P-p-pleaaaahaaaaaeaaase!” Craig wailed, and began to shout into the air, his fists clenching. He shook his restraints in frustration, the posts wobbling and creaking, causing Julian to step back.

Julian went to the small set of drawers by the contraption and opened them up. He removed a long blue feather duster, and approached Craig’s body. “Try and enjoy it,” said Julian.

Craig sighed, but before he could say anything, the feather duster was being twirled around his penis, which flopped by his bellybutton. Craig heaved inwards and squeezed his eyes shut. It tickled like hell, so sensitive and gentle, which was sometimes the worse type of tickle torture. Soon enough though, the itchy sensitive feeling caused Craig’s penis to rise to a full erection. Julian smiled. “Doesn’t take much, does it?”

Craig blushed, and kept his eyes close, as if hiding his embarrassment.

Julian continued to twirl the feather over Craig’s body, which remained surprisingly still as it slid over Craig’s sensitive spots. The only time Craig really reaction was when the duster slid over Craig’s thighs, causing them to clasp inwards. He then slid the feather duster over Craig’s face, causing Craig to spit at it and curse.

Julian then slid the duster over Craig’s feet, which were held bare in the air and completely vulnerable. His toes flexed and curled, his feet snapping together and sliding over one another to hide each other’s sensitive soles. But the feather duster was out, and a piece of string came out next.

Julian dangled the string over Craig’s left foot, his toes clenching and curling as the tip slid over his skin. Julian then placed the string in-between the toes of Craig’s left foot and pulled gently. Craig shrieked, and pulled his left foot out of the hoped strap it was connected to. His left leg dangled, and he swung there in the hammock.

Julian giggled at Craig’s priceless and ticklish reaction. He bent down to take Craig’s ankle, but he kicks his foot at Jules and nearly hits his face. Julian snatches at the foot and holds it tight against his chest. “Craig, go with me! Otherwise I swear to god I will fuck you up in a way you would rather not even conceive!”

Craig remained silent, and then began to giggle and moan as Julian scraped the bottom of the foot he had in his grasp.

“Okay! Okay, I’ll go with the fockin’ flow! Ha ha, just stop!” Yelled Craig.

Julian smirked, and took Craig’s tensed, toe clenched foot, and placed it back in its strap. He tightened the straps on the ankles, and discarded of the string. He then went to Craig’s upper body and began to tickle around his hips and sides with his fingers. Gentle, playful tickling that caused Craig to squirm softly, and let out quick moans every now and again. His fingers then began to push into Craig’s armpits, and due to the tightness of Craig’s wrist restraints and the fact that Craig couldn’t hide his armpits at all; this spot was a highly sensitive spot. Craig moaned and cussed, as he shook in the hammock and even began to spit in Julian’s face to get him to stop. Julian was like a robot, though. The spit would hit his face and then gently droop off, landing on Craig’s chest. Julian would continue to tickle, and Craig would think nothing would ever make him stop.

He wiggled his hips as they were poked and grabbed, and then began to shout and moan as the tickling became more intense. Craig couldn’t even lift his head, as it was strapped to the back of the hammock. He swung side to side, as his stomach was tickled, and then the fingers wiggled their way up his thighs and around his crotch, causing Craig to shriek like a little girl.

The fingers slid up to Craig’s feet, and then it became unbearable once more. Craig yelled a loud no, and his feet began to twist and flex. It was hard to move his feet against the ticklish torture as they were held in such an awkward way. The best Craig could do was use the top of a foot to shield the sole of the foot that was being tickled. The foot shielding the other foot would have its sole exposed totally now anyway, and Julian would thus attack that one with his sharps fingers.

Julian even held apart one foot and tickled the right one for a full hour, causing Craig to shriek and threaten how he was going to piss himself again. He never did. Instead he grew harder and harder, bucking around in the creaking contraption, his toes wiggling and brushing against Julian’s fingers. Craig’s soles were so soft, like baby’s skin. They were the perfect type of feet for being ticklish. His toes were long and wide apart, his arches high, allowing full access to any ticklish areas on Craig’s feet. Julian found the spot under Craig’s toes and began to go to town, despite Craig’s attempts at squirming around so much as to break the hammock he lay strapped in.

Julian let Craig rest and catch his breath, but only for a few seconds. He picked up a pen from the draw and held onto Craig’s left foot with one of his hands. Using his free hand, he began to draw on the sole of Craig’s left foot.
“Ugnhaaahhhhwaahhh! Not the pen! Stop it you freak! GO WRITE A BOOK!” Yelled Craig, a tear sliding down his cheek as the ticklish sensations shot up his leg like lightning bolts, infecting his erection in the process.
Julian smirked and continued to draw. Random circles and letters and sentences that couldn’t of been written to perfection thanks to Craig’s squirming foot and kicking knee. Julian watched Craig’s toes curl and clench all at once as he drew a line up and down the sole – all to Julian’s amusement.

Craig heaved and moaned until Julian stopped tickling his left foot. The tickling suddenly ended when Craig felt Julian’s mouth engulf all over Craig’s toes on his right foot. Craig’s leg twitched, as it still startled him, but was a complete rest compared to the tickling. Julian began to kiss and lick at Craig’s right foot, and the only time it tickled would be when Julian would slide his tongue down his sole. Most of the time, Julian just sucked on each of Craig’s toes, sometimes stifling in a gentle tickle from one of his fingers, causing the toes to squirm in Julian’s mouth. This entire feeling was incredible, and the moist creature working it was way in-between Craig’s toes began to tickle in an erotic way, only increasing to the ever-growing hardness that was Craig’s erection.

Julian’s free hand slipped around Craig’s penis, and he began to rub and stroke at the hard on. Craig moaned, one foot getting the tickle suck treatment, and his dick getting a hand-job. He lay there, strapped to this ‘torment’ that was soon turning into complete ecstasy. Although the fun was quickly over, as Julian tickled at Craig’s left foot whilst sucking it. He sucked and licked at the toes, but in the mean time tickled at the sole he was moistening up with his tongue. His other hand remained tight around Craig’s penis. Craig was doing most of the hand job work. The tickling would cause Craig to squirm and moan, and by moving so forcefully and thrusting his hips, he was rubbing his penis up and down inside Julian’s grasp. Julian just held on tight, sucked on each toe, and tickled the left sole. Craig moaned and cussed in disappointment, his foot twitching and flexing inside Julian’s mouth.

“Uugh, stop! Ssssstop! Pleaaase…” he moaned, in a low, dry voice. His toes squeezed tightly together, as if not allowing Julian’s tongue around them anymore. But Julian would tickle forcefully at Craig’s toes, making them separate and stretch. Julian would use this chance to slide his tongue inside for some action. The sweat that Julian would taste from Craig’s feet was intense, and now all of Craig’s body was growing wet and moist. The veins by his hips and stomach were pumping blood into his erection, which was being serviced so masterfully.

Julian continued to slide his fingers up and down the skin of Craig’s sole, letting his nails scratch into the ticklish spots. Craig began to moan and whimper, as his foot flexed around, often being cached by Julian’s mouth. The throbbing erection was beginning to leak pre cum, and as Craig moaned more and more, his body began to shiver and his hips bucked up and down. He came as soon as Julian’s tongue slid under Craig’s left little toe. Julian stopped sucking, and just gently tickled Craig’s feet, as he bucked his hips up and down and came over his stomach and chest loudly. Julian grinned, watching with devilish eyes. Craig closed his eyes and moaned gently, hips forced into the air, toes clenched, and feet gently being tickled. His penis throbbed, twitching against his stomach, as it spewed more cum onto and inside his bellybutton.

Julian soothed Craig’s feet better, gently sliding his fingers over the ticklish spots, still causing Craig’s feet to twitch.

“It’s all over now, Craig. All over.”

Julian stepped back, and let Craig’s twitching, shivering body slump into the netted hammock, where he gently whimpered into thin air.

Two months later.

The tour had come to a finish, fast and violently, much like how it had started. The reviews were up, and the likes of NME and Q Magazine were rating the Vines performances as legendary and overwhelming. They state how Craig had started off as this fierce ball of anger, and then finished as a slumped, tired musician. Many would put this down to his harsh, amazing performances, which consisted of him trashing guitars and screaming until he felt blood at the back of his throat. But a small group of others would know that the reason he was so tired after the tour was simply down to his experience with Julian Casablanca’s. The tickling sessions, the ‘kidnap’ and the cum control were all part of what seemed to be an obsessive, fetish-scene that Julian wanted Craig to desperately be a part of.

Craig hated to be tickled. He hated it before he met Julian, and he hates it after, if not more so than before. Being tormented in such a way for a hobby would destroy him. He doesn’t do well with having to have patience, or being put through awkward situations. When he was wrapped in cling film and foot tickled for hours on end, he seriously thought he could rather die then have to sit out that horrible scraping feeling under his toes. The screaming and the urge to break free. It was something Craig didn’t want to join in with.

The Vines were heading back to Sydney mid day, and Craig lay in his hotel room asleep. It was early morning, and the lead singer was sprawled out on his bed in nothing but a white t-shirt. He hugged the pillow like a baby, the blankets draped over him randomly, his two bare feet poking out the end.

His foot snapped back in under the covers suddenly as a fingertip dragged along his sole. Craig murmured in his sleep. As the hand crept under the blankets, it found Craig’s right ankle and grabbed it, another hand tickling his right foot. Craig shot up out of bed and snatched his ankle away. Before he could scramble out, Julian stood there in the middle of his hotel room. Craig remained in bed, shuffling his feet under him and holding the blankets over the naked parts of his body.

Julian smirked.

“H… How’d you get in?” Asked Craig, eyes half open. His voice was deep, he was tired.

“Door was wide open. The maids have been joking about your sleep talking for the past hour,” replied Julian.

Craig shrugged. “What do you want?”

Julian laughed, rubbing the back of his head. He removed his sunglasses, and took a seat on the end of the bed. “I want you to come with me to New York. I have an apartment there, we could… uh… well…”

Craig looked to the floor, and then frowned. He looks back at Julian, a gaze that’s long, and nearly gone, until Craig speaks. “I don’t want to be your toy, Jules. This ticklin’ things… kinda weird. For me, ohm, anyway. So oom…” a long pause, as he considers his words, “fuck off?” He giggles gently after, and then there’s silence.

Julian nods to himself. “I see. Well uh, you enjoyed it. I could tell.”

Craig shook his head. “No I didn’t.”

“Yeah, you did. The snake in your pants agrees with me.”

Craig hides a smile, and then frowns. “Look, just get out, alright? Otherwise I’ll fuckin’ hit you.”

Julian laughs. “Oh you’ll ‘hit’ me? Like I give a shit, wonder boy. I’ve been hit before. What I did to you that day was fuckin’ worse than a punch to the gut.”

Craig stares at him. “Why did you do it? I mean… why me?”

Julian sighs. He then shrugs. “I saw you perform that night. You were this rage of… anger and destruction. It made me wonder what it’d be like to put you out of control. See what would happen. Plus you’re really cute.”

Craig arches a brow. “Hey, I’m not a fag.”

“I read you once had a relationship with a boy when you were 16. And you kissed me!” Said Julian, with a raised voice. He points to the space next to Craig. “Right over there!”

Craig rolls his eyes. “I did it because I had to. It stopped you from tickling the fock out of me for at least 5 minutes, which is the biggest break I got out of all that! Look Julian, just… leave, aight? Oom… I’m just… tired.”
Julian sighs. He goes to say something, but instead just stands. He heads for the door, and closes it behind him.
* * *
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On May 30th, 2006 04:19 pm (UTC), rjyoaslh commented:
Wow! I'm glad Craig came out strong in the end!

I'm really happy you finished this!
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On May 30th, 2006 05:21 pm (UTC), bunsbop replied:
Thank you! =]
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On May 30th, 2006 05:32 pm (UTC), kimmy_dc commented:
this is outrageous!
you've got one heck of a wild imagination!
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On May 31st, 2006 01:28 am (UTC), gypseyrou2005 commented:
That was sweet. I loved it :D
* * *
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On May 31st, 2006 02:52 am (UTC), rain_polish commented:
Woo! I'm really glad you wrote some more. :D It's been too long without the tickleing fetish. That was sexy. And that's so cute how Craig said he isn't a fag. xD
* * *

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